Pragmatic 1.4 for Windows 10


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  • Publisher:  HiVe
  • Category:  Logic
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  • Downloads:  122
Pragmatic is a free and for this very interesting puzzle game, which allows us to control robots that would perform our commands, must be properly programmed. Our task will be to rely on bringing the machine to the board functioning as an output. We want to take steps involve selecting appropriate programs to start automatically when the robot started to carry them out. For example, wanting to machine does not explode on impact with the wall, you will need to select the feature that allows you to maneuver before a collision. Once selected the direction of the robot base Directive, which applies whenever contact with an obstacle. So the trick is to take a course that will get to the starting point. Of course, over time, begin to appear more robots, new opportunities and new programs that we can upload them. The main principles of the game will be announced through the tutorial you performed wonderfully. Graphics is a decent and fitting sound fits in perfectly with the whole game.       Minimum requirements:  Processor: Unknown  RAM: No data  Graphics card: No data  Free hard disk space: Not available  Sound Card: No data